All-Star old uniform photos

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xtreme cheer ct roughly 06-07 season


please ignore my paleness haha


and PLEASE ignore the ugly scale, it was a one man she was 12 and scared out of her mind haha
Our Coaches and Captains made horrible decisions!

Here are the 2 uniforms they had at my college when i was there... The first one was nice, and the girls looked good. Then we combined coed and all girl to make a small coed team and got horrible looking uniforms. In my years cheering at school, we always begged for clean white uniforms, (similar to HPUs nice white ones). So after my class graduated they thought they were being funny and finally gave the girls white uniforms. Little did they know, jokes on them cause the white ones are not so cute with ugly black sleeves.

Uniform up til Nationals 2004 -

Got New ugly ones for nationals hahah
Boy's Uniform 2004-2007 -

Girl's Uniform 2004-2008-

White Uniforms 2008-
knife pleat skirt


Did anyone else find this skirt style to be simply WEIRD when it was in style ? Let me rephrase they were never in style in my opinion . LOL

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