All-Star Placement Question?

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Mar 10, 2011
Okay, so I'm extremly tall and very skinny. I'm not the best at tumbling. I work hard but I just can never land skills, the only skills I have are the basics (cartwheels, roundoffs, fwd & back rolls, bridge, handstand) i also can do a front walkover (sometimes) and i can throw an ariel.
But, I am an amazing stunter. I'm great at backing, in ten years of cheer, my flyer never once touched the ground. I can do up to level 4 stunts, maybe even a couple level 5 stunts. I'm also great at being coached because I listen well and have a great memory. I'm 13, and in my gym, I'd be in either junior or senior divison. I'm not sure which divison I'll be in but I think Junior. What do you thinkk?
I don't think we on the boards can really make a judgement. Maybe you will cross.
Depends on the size of your gym, how they do placements, and what teams they are having. I think you'd be a good 4.2 candidate though if they had that.
Yeah, 4.2 seems perfect for you! If you hate tumbling, why is your username that though? haha
Got it! Nothing negative was meant to come out of that, I was just confused haha. Good luck!
At my previous gym, there was a lot of girls younger than 13 that were even on senior teams. Senior 4.2 would be the perfect division for you!! Maybe you could look into talking to your coaches about 4.2 if there is enough girls for that if there isn't alraedy one at your gym!