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Jan 2, 2010
You might not be aware but extreme rioting by teenagers has now taken place for 3 nights in London with looting & arson. Last night it spread to other parts of the UK. It is supposedly in aid of a single armed man that was shot dead by police a few days ago.
Please pray that this stops and everyone in the areas affected stays safe. There haven't been any fatalities yet but many homes & building have been completely destroyed.
Ascension Eagles who compete in IOC5, their gym, the only one in London, was closed last night and I think is safe from the destruction however many of their athletes live in the areas affected and had to stay in their homes for their safety. People from Unity Allstars (IOC6) also live around London. Riotting was in Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol & Nottingham last night and so many cheerleaders will have been affected.
Please pray this stops and does not spread further.
Thank you in advance.
Thank you for posting! Stay safe! Prayers from across the pond!
That's good then. Yeah were all hoping nothing starts but people are already starting fb groups for them to start riots in Glasgow! Just hope nothing comes off it and people see sense that all of this is proving nothing!
An article in the Guardian this morning has said that it has spread to Liverpool. Can't actually believe this is our country.
this makes me so nervous. my aunt and uncle live one town over from one of the earlier riots.

definitely thinking about everyone over there, praying this stops.
Just on the news, 16 year old boy has been arrested in Scotland after trying to start riots in Glasgow.
I live in St Pauls in Bristol and police have warned us to stay inside. Cars and bins on fire last night literally outside my window!...scariest thing in the world. The UK is getting destroyed because of some stupid teenagers. Wish I could hop on a plane to the US right now.