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May 18, 2010
Anyone have a good suggestion for an source that would give grants or any form of financial subsidation or equipment donations to a non-profit cheer organization? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks:)
My mom works at Lockheed Martin which is a government based company. They do a lot of defense things and satellite based projects. Anyways, they have this thing where they will pay for gym memberships for their employees because they feel that good health is something that everyone should have access to. They MIGHT be able to help you out if you really explain what cheerleading does for the children at your program. From the threads you have posted on here, I think you have a lot of information that you could use about your program that would help you out with finding financial and/or equipment donations. You said in the "Spending time with coaches" that your program helps cater to the children of families who would otherwise not have the chance to afford/participate in cheerleading. Show the company you are asking how much your program helps out the community through cheer. (People are suckers for community participation, especially when it involves children ;))

Remember when Nickelodeon did those "Pays to Play" campaign (or something like that) where they'd give out $5,000 to non profit organization that got kids moving around and kept them active? If they still do that, that might also be a possibility. I've looked into it before and the application process didn't seem TOO involved...

Good luck though!