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Nov 25, 2010
i recently got something close to a black eye at practice. in school a lot of people asked me what happened so i told them (cheer). but i wasnt embarrassed of it. im actually kind of proud of my black eye. i feel as if it shows everyone that cheerleading is not an easy sport and in ways it makes a cheerleader stronger. im not necessarily talking about being proud of a broken bone or anything of the sort. just little injuries here and they that we all stumble across at some point. i was curious if anyone else is proud of say they got a (minor) injury at cheer?
I have a nasty bruise in my leg in three places from a flyer, i get shoe burns alllll the time on my arms (they get the most questions), and whenever i have a visible bruise in the shape of fingerprints, elbows, knees, feet, whatever, i alwasy point out that it was through cheerleading.
i always have rug burn (drop sequence, not that clumsy lol!) bruises on my arms and legs. and occasionally a semi-black eye. the simple answer to strangers,i say 'cheer' and quite proudly! and their face :eek:
i felt exactly the same way when my flyer gave me a full on black eye, i had it for the last week of school, and i was really proud of it. cuz she elbowed me on the way down, from her first kick-double that she made all the way around, i think she got a little freaked out, cuz she wasnt expecting it, haha.
but yeah, i was proud to say, look it cheerleaders are as much of athletes as anybody else is, (even a little more haha:D) i love my bruises and stuff! :)

and also i went to this school picnic thing with my black eye, and all these parents would stare and me, then like whisper to each other. like they thought i was being abused or something, it was soooo funny:)
i have soooo many bruises on my arms and knees from trying to save and catch my flyer. yeah they do hurt but there's this great feeling i get when somebody asks me if she hit the ground and i can proudly say no, i hit the ground for her.
I have to say, I'm a little proud of the scar on the side of my face because I can say, "Oh, I got kneed in the face 2 seconds into the routine and finished the routine with blood dripping down my face and all over my uniform. 3 stitches, no biggie" hahaha
forget army strong. we could make a cheerleading strong commercial. and i think everyone who gets a black eye or busted lip has that inner feeling of pride because we know how hard we worked and that is simply pointing out our efforts to everyone who doesnt appreciate the beauty of our sport.
I call them "Battle Scars". I'm so stoked whenever I get them. I parade around and say "See that? I got it from cheer!"
I was always immensely proud of my "battle scars" from cheerleading. I definitely wore the bruises, ace bandages, braces, etc. with pride. :)
i have had so many "battle wounds" from cheerleading. when people ask what happened and i say cheerleading, they are always like "wow, rough sport." it makes me happy that people are starting to understand that cheerleading is a legit sport.
Funny, one of our kids posted a pic on Facebook of her legs all bruised up today. She didn't say they were from cheer but since Teal had practice last night I bet they were! And yes I'd say she was proud!
I love the terms "victory bruises" and "battle scars" haha so true! Through a couple of broken bones and countless bruises etc. I have received both negative and positive responses..the negatives sound like this: "How did you get that from cheerleading..throwing a pom pom too hard??" (really?!) the positives sound like this: "Wow, I never really understood how intense cheer really is." I find myself getting very frustrated when explaining cheer injuries to noncheerleaders, it never goes over well. haha