Question For High School Tryout Judges (re: Tumbling)

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Apr 29, 2011
As a tumbling coach, I am asked this question all the time, and I don't know the answer. For high school cheer tryouts, which tumbling pass would get a higher score (assuming they're both done with perfect technique)?

Round off, multiple back handsprings, back tuck
Round off, back handspring, layout

Is a long pass with many skills more impressive, or a short pass with greater difficulty?
I would assume that the girl with the "perfect" layout could most likely also do the series bhs to tuck
I am not a judge for high school tryouts but I do know that throwing a layout will get you scored high only if thrown with good technique. At our tryouts this past year we as captains and coaches were trying to decided between a couple different girls. Overall we went with who had their layout and would throw it at competition ( there were other factors involved as well). While multiple backhandsprings to tuck is a great pass to have the layout will be more of an asset to the team because it will score higher at competition. Hope this helped!
Whenever I judge try outs for high school and middle my scale is (because tumbling is generally worth 5 points)

5- full
4- layout
3- tuck
2- backhandspring
anything else gets an "aw thats cute" and 0 points.

If the school has next to no tumbling I give anyone that does at least a backhandspring 5-4 points

and rolls, cartwheels, and round offs... 1 point

Generally I don't subtract for technique...I just judge on attempt...solely because most of the schools here in SC have weak tumbling.

So to answer the question, if I were judging the layout would get more points
We require specific tumbling for my Hs program I coach. I would give more points for a clean layout then series to tuck because it means they could start working fulls which are higher difficulty and something every hs coach needs and wants. Teaching layouts takes tons of time sometimes years depending on kid so to see a good clean one would get more points in my book.
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