All-Star Ricky Jaime On So You Think You Can Dance

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Jan 8, 2011
So one of our own has made it to the TOP 20 on SYTYCD!! Ricky Jaime is a former member of Brandon All-Stars Senior White and now he is living his dream and YOU can help! Spread the word, but most of all just watch the show, if you see him dance you will WANT to vote for him. We are very proud of him and he is such an amazing young man. He even took a break from his training to come support us at Worlds this season so I figure the least we can do is return the favor!! Spread the word!! Time for a "Ricky Jaime Army"!!!
Ah I was going to post this yesterday, I'm glad you did! Everyone make sure to vote for him this season!
Started a thread! Will start one every week.