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Jan 3, 2011
So i live in the UK, I work full time and coach 3 Allstars teams, I have no social life... I love it though, this will be my third year heading an Allstar program,

Just wondering how you americans do it ??

I think the people that quit cheer around here are the ones that want a social life over a cheer life. I'll agree, it takes over your world. But those of us who love cheer (pretty much the whole fierceboard) wouldn't change that for anything.
As a gym owner (especially one who still has to keep their day job) it's several years (think 5+) before you can start being more hands off with the program. You need to build your program so that it's large enough that you can afford office staff (and build a trust with people so that you trust them to handle these parts of your business) to handle things like comp registration and travel plans, monthly billing, keeping the books.
Very true, MissBee. It also helps if your coaching and office staff are all friends....we all have the same work schedule, so naturally it's easy to hang out with each other, and every topic of conversation eventually goes back to cheer. Plus, none of our other non-cheer friends really understand what we do, or how crazy we are about it!
It is so difficult to have any social life. I have a very close friend who has been trying to arrange dinner with me since before Christmas and I still have no idea when I will fit it in. I work part time and coach acrobatic gymnastics, tumbling & cheer everyday. I have a Thursday night off but that is only because my son has swimming lessons that night so we train before school that day.
I complain about it and it can get very difficult to fit everything in but I love it. It's been this way for 10 years and I can't imagine it changing although my family and friends may feel differently.
At first I felt like allstars gave me no social life until I realized it became my social life. NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS probably along with the other fierceboard members would we sacrifice cheer
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