All-Star Senior Coed 4

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Mar 25, 2010
Who has teams in this division this year? (Canada and the USA)
Post any videos you may have! :)

I know forsure here in Canada my team Cheerforce Wolfpack and there is a PCT Cobras team with a sr coed 4. :dancing:
thanks everyone!! :) :) :)

and sorry a correction from the first post: I was just informed tonight at practice, PCT doesnt have a sr coed 4 anymore! aha..
Sr. Coed 4's in the metro Atlanta AREA:
eWood Starzone / GA Allstars (lg) / GA Comets / CheerTyme of GA / Thunder / Future Xtreme / NV (lg) / Pro Cheer / Legion / Renegades - that I know of!!
Not open for further replies.