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HotCheer's competition bow:

And also, I've been informed that WCSS don't use that to compete in anymore! They're sticking to the cheetah I guess?
How do I get a Fierce Bow?
Darla said she was only making a certain amount, so you may not be able to get one anymore. But you go to her bowfabulous website, and order the plain purple bow, and that will get you a fierce bow!
New to all of this, but many girls had bows hanging all of their backpacks...any symbolism or meaning, or just fun bows?

I have some previous team bows, and a lot that I have made. I trade bows with people too :) so I have some on their that I have traded. And also on the strap to my backpack I have 3 ribbons (like the breat cancer ribbons)... one that is pink for breast cancer, one that is blue for Midwest Cheer Elite, and a red one for Cheer Florida.

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