High School Sports Bra Rules

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May 3, 2010
does your coach allow your team to practice in sports bras? we can as long as we're inside. if we're pracicing outside, we have to put a shirt on! and i dont think we were allowed to wear them at cheer camp but i dont remember. i wish we could've though cause it was hot!
I think sports bras are more appropriate for all stars because you are in your gym. At high school there are kids all around and not only does it make some cheerleaders uncomfortable but it can also make the students around them uncomfortable (not to mention the teachers). So no, my high school team is not allowed to practice in sports bras, it's kind of an unwritten rule.
not a girl, but they let them wear sports bras! :)
not walking around competition though!
because gyms get hot everyone's panting and sweating.
I let my girls wear sports bras. Sometimes the AC is off in the gym we practice in. Flyers always have to put on a shirt if they are going up though. No one likes to catch a little slippery sweaty person.
Yeah, we can wear sports bras whenever we want unless the coaches tell us to wear a specific shirt to practice, which isn't often. But, I'm a flyer and I slip through my bases or backspots hands a lot after a long hot practice lol.
when i did highschool cheer there was only one instance where we were allowed to wear sports bras. we had a camp at our school and it was like a 5 hour day and about 95 degrees out so we got to wear them
nope, we aren't allowed.
i'm pretty sure we got something said to us about running on the track as a team wearing only sports bras...
We're not allowed to. Not allowed to wear spaghetti tanks either. But, the boys soccer team/ track/ basketball doesn't have to wear shirts at all.
We're not allowed to when we're practicing outside, mainly because football and soccer has to pass our practice to get to the locker rooms and they think it's inappropriate. I'm not sure if we're allowed to wear them in the gym or not, because no one has ever asked if they could since it's air conditioned.