All-Star Stingray Spice Going Large Senior?!

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May 18, 2010
I thought I just caught this on another thread, but wasn't sure if there was any confirmation of this. @kingston, Can you confirm or deny? For the record, I would be absolutely over the moon to see what they could do in this division, they've been impressing me all season:)

Or am I tardy for the party? Has this already been discussed?
First, the @tagging doesnt work if you attach a comma.

But, yeah we are. It is a good chance for the kids and should be fun. There are some good teams in the division, so we shall see how it goes.

HOLYYYYY..... Good Luck, I'm really excited for you guys!:)
THIS IS SO EXCITING. Which competition are they going to try for a bid at? UCA?
I have always wanted to see Rays as a large senior. This is so exciting!!! Good luck Rays Spice :)
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