All-Star Susie's Mom Strikes Yet Again!!

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I love it!!!!
My favorite part is when the coach says,"there is NOTHING level 5 about your Susie!"
I have looked at all of them have been made by different people... the original was "when will susie start kipping" and its a gymnastics version.... Im guessing since you can "remix" videos on xtranormal's site... they just took the original and changed it to cheer.... then from there random people just kept making new versions.. :) There funny
Ikr? I wonder who it is..
All different usernames
I'm sure Susie's new gym is the type that doesn't compete at NCA because they think its a conspiracy that only let large gyms win and they think the judges are bribed.
Found a new Susie video today!!!! and its Hilarious!
"Susie's Momma Drama"

Here is the xtranormal site for it:

Since xtranormal embedding doesn't work, ripped it on to my YouTube so I could embed it on here....

HILARIOUS! This video should be shown to every cheer mom at the first meeting of the season right before going over the handbook and rules. The headline before the video comes on should read as follows "If this is YOU please drop your handbook and kindly leave after the finish of this video" LMAO
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