All-Star Time To Do It! Lets Get Ricky In The Top Ten!

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there is no chance of ricky going home if everyone from the forums sends one text voting for him. ONE TEXT MESSAGE OF EVERYONE ON FIERCEBOARD. I know you all have your phone glued to you 24-7 so do it! && one text out of the hundreds you send a day wont hurt!!! There are thousands of us. It would be so easyyyyy.

I can personally say being one of ricky's team mates on brandon...that if your team's music has gotten leaked, ricky has it, knows it, and most likely knows your whole routine! Ricky is a fan of sooooo many of you, so help him out, return the favor!! <3 Help Ricky get to the allstar round.....[[[and finally dance with a compatible partner...sorry if your ryan fans]]]
Sorry to be totally out of the loop, but who's Ricky and why are we voting !? I mean I'll gladly vote someone tell me when, and how ! :D
I hope they have great choreography tonight! VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!
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