Tips for getting higher in tumbling.

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Aug 13, 2010
Does anyone have any tips for getting more height in your tumbling skills, (i.e. layouts and fulls) If anyone could help thanks!
Well for drills my coach puts 2 thick (high jump mats kind of) at the end of the tumbletrack (don't know what you call them in US but they are the extremely long trampolines usually into sponge pits) and makes us do our skill onto it, it makes us have to stretch it out and jump alot higher and soon you almost don't even think twice about jumping high :)
Def. go to Debbie Love's website (it's posted above). Checked it out for the first time a few days ago and there are drills and tips for literally EVERYTHING.
fast and strong backhandsprings. whip your feet hard and go sraight vertically upwards and keep your face looking forward
To go straight up, don't land your backhandspring with your body straight up, because all your momentum is going backwards and that causes traveling and low tumbling. Land your backhandspring at an angle in a hollow body position because then, your backwards momentum will propel you up instead of backwards. Don't bend at the waist or throw your head back.
Punch off your toes and before you begin to rotate, set UP and then rotate. Keep your chest up because you will go up. I your chest is down, you will go down
Not open for further replies.