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Dec 15, 2009
I am doing product research for a company and have been asked what the top 10 cheer states are (as in the highest number of cheerleaders). It doesn't have to be just All-Star, it can be areas where Pop Warner is huge or a large number of high school cheerleaders. What are your thoughts?

Texas is a given!
I'm just mentioning some names, sorry if I left some names off! In NO ORDER my top 10 would include:
Texas: CA, SOT, Texas Lonestar
Georgia: GA, Stingrays, C4
Florida: Brandon, TG
Maryland: Twisters, Marlins
New Jersey: WC, South Jersey Storm
Kentucky: Gymtyme, Kentucky Elite (or whatever their name is now)
Carolina: CEA
I think that definetly cheer is much more popular in the south and the east as it is in the west.. It's so sad:(. Here's my list I'm only going to name gyms I know of too..
Texas: cheer athletics, spirit of Texas
new jersey: world cup, central jersey all stars
Florida: top gun, Brandon all stars
north Carolina: cea:D

in California we only have California all stars and Im not allowed to go there becuz my mom won't let me:( I'm so sad.
No one has a hard count on this, but based on all of the research I have done, the top 10 cheer states (if you include everyone) is reflective of the top 10 states by population. It gets a little more variable if you only include allstar, but not by that much.
i would think it would be:
New Jersey
N. Carolina
New York (tons of gyms, huge state)
Pennsylvania (pop warner is huge, lots of good HS teams)
Definitely wouldn't count out Ohio. I know there's something like 27ish gyms just in the central part of the state and that's not even including gyms like Midwest Cheer Elite and American Elite that have multiple locations.
Not sure where I heard this, but I was told a couple of years ago that the states with the most cheer teams were MD., Florida And Texas
in pennsylvania there isnt as many BIG all star gyms, but pop warner and high school teams are everyewhere. i live here and i do all star and high school and there are many small all star companies, but my own company has 14 teams. Pennyslvania definatly has alot of cheerleaders that travel to new jersey though for teams like world cup, south jersey storm, and cja
new jersey is also one of the BIGGEST pop warner states. I would say almost every city in central jersey and north jersey has at least 1 pop warner program with several teams in it. Some towns have 3 or 4 programs. And in south jersey, rec cheer is very popular.

Then you also have to consider... almost every highschool and grade school in the country has cheerleaders.
American Cheerleader Magazine posted a couple days ago that Ohio has the most cheerleaders of all the states!