All-Star Top Teams In Semi-limted Coed Division?

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Nov 28, 2010
Just wondering what everyone was thinking for this division. It seems to be a very competitive division. Give some opinions.
With Cali back in unlimited, I'm thinking GA or TG for first and second, not sure which order, and ACE third.
I think Ultimate Athletics Prodigy also has a good chance, I mean, they outscored Top Gun Semi Limited on Day 2 at Jamfest (at least I believe they did), and their routine has definitely gotten much better & stronger since the beginning of the season.

It seems like GT has the most talent. they just need to execute and be clean.
TG, CA, GA and GT.I cant even think about making a top 3 haha
UA beat top gun on day 2 of Super Nationals.. Top Gun is beatable
i know, but top gun won in the end, i know there beatable, they didnt win worlds 2009, or NCA 2010, and im sure they wont win every single competition but i think they'll take it at worlds.