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Nov 17, 2010
So my coach told me i would be last pass this year or second to last pass in my high school's cheer routine this year, what should my pass be? basically anything through to a layout or full and it's on dead mat so i don't think whips connected to fulls . My first comp isn't until december so i have plenty of time to work on a new skill and master it on dead mat by then. Thanks to all who can help :)
Don't know your ability but I vote punch front, roundoff bhs arabian round off 2 to a full. Or instead of an arabian a half step out through to a full.
Theyre not too bad if you do a russian front, you look like a tricker, but you save your shins;)
have you ever tried an arabian? i tried whips thru to layouts before and it wasn't pretty. it hurt really bad! i was thinking an arabian will probably be better