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Mar 23, 2010
I got my roundoff bhs 2 months ago and just got my standing bhs consistent today. My coach had me try roundoff 2 bhs yesterday and I couldn't get the hang of it. Does anyone have any tips to connecting the two?

Also how can I get more power in my standing handspring? I land on my feet but my hands are either still on the floor or just barely off the floor when I land. Thanks anyone who can help me!
w/o a vid its hard to tell. but my guess would be two things, youre probably dropping your arms in your hurdle for your roundoff. make sure to squeeze them by your ears and never let them drop. second you might be hesitating and sitting too far for the the backhandsprings. make sure to land with your arms up, sit ever so slightly and as little as possible, then immediately go in to the backhandspring after your roff, rinse and repeat for the second. if you havea good standing and a god running 1 bhs theres no reason you shouldn't be able to physically do two, unless you're shoulders aren't flexible. make sure you are keeping up on your stretching and conditioning, and use if you need any ideas.
most people have the problem of not picking their chest up fast enough making it harder to keep the flow as you swing for your second... or third... or fourth...

also, others don't snap their feet down quick enough after their first bhs.

good for you for working hard and wanting to get better! remember: practice makes perfect. (corny, i know, but true)
Oddly enough, RO two BHS was always easier for me than one, mostly because I knew I could use all my power and the second one is SO much easier. For me, I just thought of pushing through my toes and snapping hard. Also think push back, not punch up at the end.
snap your leg and flip them over fast.make sure your whole body is up.(heels up,chin up) and squezze till you can't no more !

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