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Nov 23, 2010
Have you ever hit a point where your tumbling stopped getting better? I recently hit what i would like to call a "tumbling wall". I tumble twice a week, go into condition, and even spent a teacher work day at the gym tumbling and working out. But i cant get any new skills! Has anyone else ever gone through this? How did you get out?

Additionally, i have my full but i cant get any trick passes. Are there any trick passes that you would recomend to a full?
yessss, at first when i started working on a standing tuck i did it amazing and it didnt take long to get and then things went down hill and i landed on my knees and stuff, but i just kept practicing on a mat at home and went to open gym at my cheer gym whenever they had it and it got alot better
Front punch through to full is really easy after u get the hang of it.... And it's harder with a spot than without because they get in the way so u can't ball in as tight.
Unless you are conditioning your body a lot of people will hit a "wall", start working your core, doing a lot of plyometrics, make sure your basics are on point!
Yeah, i felt like i was progressing soo fast. Then, during the 08-09 season, nothing new came to all:/ then it picked back up after that. Now i think im at another "wall" ://
one of the biggest disappointments of it all is the 09-10 season i went from round off handspring tuck and no standing tuck to fulls and jumps to tuck which is a lot in one year. but this year i have leveled off. Glad to know im not alone though!
That usually happens when you run out of motivation an the ideas dont come as easy as usual sometimes its when you run out of competition thats how it is for me when i get like that i usually search up tumbling an parkour vids to help me get some new ideas or i put variations on the things i allready can do if that dosent work ill go back an do some cleaning up on the skills i already have hope this helps.