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Cheer Parent
Jun 29, 2010
OK. In an attempt to keep pace with my 9 year old CP, I just created my first twitter account and will be posting throughout the weekend. I don't expect to update whether this team or that team "hit", but you might be entertained by the musings of a hard-core cheer dad's first trip to Dallas.

Follow 1FORCE All-Stars (JR3 and Sr4 small gyms) through my eyes. I don't know what to expect, but I can't wait to get there. Lots of pictures and hopefully some video.

I'd love to follow a few others that will be there. Maybe snag some tips for a first time NCA'er. Who has a twitter feed I can check in on?

Ugh. Someone in my mind, I thought I did a search first. Obviously not. Thanks for helping out.

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