All-Star Tye Hill To Acx

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Dec 13, 2009
From Randy Dickey's facebook (ACX owner)

It's official!!! ACX is proud to announce the newest member to our staff. Tye Hill! Amazing coach and one of the best tumblers I've ever seen. Check him out on YouTube. Just one more reason to be at ACX. We have the best staff hands down. If you have ever considered ACX. This is the year to join.

He will work at the Columbia gym, but I'm assuming he will travel to the Charleston and Myrtle Beach locations like some of the other coaches do from time to time.

So excited for the program. Now if only I was still age eligible. haha
Tye Hill certainly has been getting around lately. I saw this on Randy's facebook yesterday, surprised it took this long for it to make its way to the Fierceboard.

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