All-Star Uniform Fit Problems

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Dec 28, 2009

I don't want to get into the uniform company debate, but is anyone else having major problems with their uniform fit? Have you been able to get it resolved?
Compared to the fitting, the uniforms we received are nowhere near the same fit. We made every girl do a high V, and then added two inches during the fitting. Now they are all too short, and not just a little but way too short. We have full tops, and they barely cover the stomach with arms down. The skirts had spankies that were so long they went past the length of the skirt. One of my girls tried on her skirt (in the same size she tried on at the fitting) and it fell straight to her ankles it was so big. They will fix all the skirts that are wrong but not the tops. The parents don't want them because they barely fit now, and they won't last the rest of this season, not to mention next season. We are a small town and a small gym, and we cannot afford new uniforms next year. At this point, I just want to get a refund and go with another company, which they tell me I cannot do since they are custom.
Please tell me someone else has had problems and actually got them resolved. Looking for any and all advice at this point. Thanks!