All-Star Us Finals Virginia Beach Updates (dance And Cheer)

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Dec 16, 2009
Please as results come in post to update here.

Senior hip hop
First- Elite Cheer and dance lightning
Second- Majik X-treme
Third -CCD allstars
Youth hip hop
First- Majik touch
Second- Elite Cheer and dance Fire
Third- CCD Extreme

Level one Mini cheer
First (out of nineteen teams)- Elite Cheer and Dance Explosion
Second- FCA Pink Ice
Third- East Coast Nitros
YES FAME Idols!!! by less than 1 point!
Competition was definitely tough. 12 teams in the large youth 2 nail biter!
Pa storm senior 2 won small gym but they beat all the teams in the regular seior 2 divison. We won by 9 points and had a legality...soo yeah. Andd our junior 2 got 2 by less than a point! Way to go storm
Senior 4.2

Tied for first:
FAME-Show Stoppers!
Third: Rochester Elite All Heat!!!
(i'm sorry, there were 13 teams in this division and i didn't write down the results. i will get them and post later)

And might i say, the sportsmanship between these 3 programs was out of the world! Welcoming rochester into the Fame family this weekend was amazing. They have the best parents and athletes and they are soooo excited! It was awesome to see REAH and FAME up on the awards stage next to each other. Amazing weekend!
You win a white jacket and a banner at the event. The trophy is nice too. It's my favorite from this year.
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