All-Star What Allstar Level Is Your School Squad?

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Mar 12, 2011
I had school try outs about a month ago, and I noticed our squad was about a level 3 team because most girls had back tucks with a couple layouts thrown in (some fulls, but the girls did allstar, and didn't want to hurt themselves on the hard floor). I was wondering what other school's tumbling was like. :)
My squad mas basically a solid level 2 because everyone but one girl had a backhandspring. A little over half of those girls had tucks, and about a third had a layout/backhandspring back/standing back.
I'm in middle school so when our comp squad went to competition we were on level 2.

Our high school is level 4 I'm sure, but a lot of girls are on Georgia Allstars Louies and can throw fulls.
Probably about level four, my freshman year we had urrrh 7 fulls? everyone definitely handspring series, probably 2/3 with standing backs. Definitely stunted at the level 4 level.
My highschool is a level 2. A majority have a backhandspring and a few with tucks. No standing tucks, just backhandsprings. And even though they could do full downs (which is terrifying to watch may I add) they only pull heel stretches and go straight up to one shakey stunt.
we have level 5 stunting 100% . but our tumbling is mostly level 3 with around 10 layouts and fulls(team of around 30). when we compete at nationals we compete level 5!
Solid Level 4 on the hard floor. I dont know about other states, but in Georgia everyone competes on the hard/resi floor. Our stunting was a 3/4/5 only because its not required to have full ups and switch ups and such to have a chance at winning like in all stars. Also, in Georgia, pyramids cant involve any sort of flips or inversions (or any point when the hips are higher than the head for that matter). So we can pretty much only have level 2 pyramids. Baskets can go all the way to switch/hitch kick doubles. We doubled out of stunts so i added the level 5. We had squad tucks (which is a big deal for my private school's classification) and mostly layouts. A few tucks, a few fulls... most of the team threw toe-backs. So it evens out to about a 4 overall!
At my school there are 4 of us that have back handsprings (running and standing) and only two of us have standing tucks (both of us cheer for CEA). Our stunting is level 3 without spinning cradles or spinning baskets. We don't compete.
Our varsity was always a solid level 3, with about half having skills above that (standing tucks, layouts, one full on hard floor) plus full downs from extended one leg stunts and prep double downs.

Our JV was pretty much a solid level 2, with some of the fishies that got bumped up having more elite skills, and a flyer or two with a base group that could do an extended one leg stunt.

Our fishies were more like level 2 stunting and level 1/2 tumbling because it wasnt required for them to have standing backhandsprings like the other squads overall, with a few exceptions here and there.

The competition team was a separate team that combined all 3 of these though.
They compete 5 but they're really 4. They have like 5 fulls and the rest are tucks/layouts and they do all level 4 stunts