What Defines 2 Legged Stunts

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When is something considered a 2 legged stunt vs 1 legged.

The USASF Cheer Glossary defines this as "A stunt is determined to be "Single" or "Double" leg by the number of feet that the top person has being supported by a base"

To me that means, it is being supported by the base if there is weight in it, not if the base is holding the bottom of her foot.

If you are in a prep level stunt, and the side base is holding under the right foot with one hand, and the bottom of the other foot that is in a lib, does that constitute a Single or Double leg stunt.

(See Top Gun Junior 4 - Stunt after tumbling with a girl doing a prep double from a prep level lib with a base holding the bottom of her lib foot.
I brought this question to Les at the Dallas regional, and he said that it is all about how many feet are in the hands of bases. Not to speak for him and he may give different reasons, but the example you gave with top gun would be legal. A prep lib in level 1 is also legal if the bases are holding both feet. it is basically a hitch but with the leg in a different position. I've heard him say several times before, that touching a stunt means you are weight bearing, and therefore supporting, because theres no real way to tell as a safety judge when you are and are not holding an appreciable amount of weight, and by the laws of physics you are holding at least some miniscule weight. Hope that helps but i'd definitely still email him if I were you.