All-Star What Skills Do You Want To Get In 2011? What Are Your Goals?

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Dec 30, 2010
It's almost 2011! What skills do you want to get next year? Stunting? Tumbling? What are your goals? Is there a specific competition your going to you wish to win? Please share:)
My goal is to not die at Jamfest Indy. I know its at the very beginning of 2011, but I'm filling in on a team and just learned the routine and I am in every section so doing it full out + not being in shape = DEATH. Also I would LOVE to win at Indy.
I also hope to make the cheer team at whatever college I decide to attend next year.:)

Sorry, I didn't read the topic close enough.. it asked about tumbling/stunting goals.

Tumbling: I want to get my whip hs hs layout to hit solid
Stunting: Become a better base
get my running full and two to full, and start working doubles. and just get generally better at stunting. oh and fix my jumps because theyre ugly
I want to get my running and standing tuck and handsprings to tuck. And I want to get my scorpion completely straight.
I set a goal for my team every year; to do better than we did the previous year. This year will perhaps be one of our biggest goals of all... getting to Disney for Nationals!

I don't have any personal goals for myself, but I do wish that I'll get back into shape and join an open team one day.
-get over my mental block for standing and running bhs.
-pretty, level jumps.
-top 3 at cheersport.
and make a higher level team for the new season.
Jumps: -I want mine to be level, with pointed toes. There baaaaaad right now....
Stunts: -I want to work on my strength so next year I can be a better base. I base now, I just could be a little stronger.
Tumbling: -ROBHS tuck for running and multiple standing/toe touch bhs. AKA the level 3 tumbling standards :)
standing tuck
andd get over my mental block of jumps to tumbling...
+even high jumps :) (i keep on editing this!!)
i would like to try flying sometime too..
(edit #4) i would like my team to win COA nationals in florida,it would make me verrrryy happy :D
I havent tumbled in a long time because I have a stress fracture in my left foot that has never healed. So I just want to get my tumbling back (running tucks) and make my old tumbling prettier and to not make my standing handsprings and abomination. I really want to get my standing tuck before summer because I'm going to France and it's been my cheer dream to have a picture of me doing a standing tuck in front of the Eiffel Tower.
i think, my hand hand full full, then my standing full, and my reverse pass that i dream aboutt!!!! then to make it to finals this year.<3