High School What tumbling skills do you need to be on varsity?

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Jul 31, 2010
Im not going into high school this year but I want to try out next august for my high school cheer team. So i was wondering, what tumbling skills to you have to have to be on the varsity team?:)
Some schools want kartwheels, and some want standing handspring tucks. It really depend on the coach, I suggest contacting the coach and asking what are requirments if theyre are any.
Yeah, it honestly depends on how competitve tryouts are. Some teams require nothing, some require a standing back, etc.
Mine required nothing cause no one could do anything ha.
It depends on what area you're in and how competitive the school is. For example Dumbar needed standing BHS tuck to make Varsity
its usually a toetouch handspring but she will make exceptions if we need a backspot who can only do a backhandspring.
At my school there are no requirements. We only have like 4 girls on varsity who can tumble.
Ours doesn't require tumlbing but highly suggests it, and if you are on JV or Varsity you are supposed to be taking tumbling classes no matter what your skill level. At my school almost everyone has a standing backhandspring and round off backhandspring. And well over half the team has a round off backhand spring tuck. A few have standing tucks and standing backhand spring tuck and round off backhandspring layouts. But it really depends on where you are from:) Good luck!
There were no requirements at my school. But usually about half the squad had back handsprings, with the rest close.
There's only 1 girl on Varsity who can tumble on hard floor but she tore her ACL in December at gymnastics and hasn't tumbled since, so who knows if we even have anyone who can tumble now. My school is pretty small and we only get about 30 girls trying out and some don't even make it to the second day of tryouts, not because they got cut, but because they didn't like it or whatever, but my point is that we get about 25-30 girls to choose from to fill 3 teams, so we can't really have any tumbling requirements.
it really depends on the highschool.
i know a squad near me that requires a standing tuck and a layout.
but then again i know a squad near me that doesnt require anytthing. some people cant even do kartwheels.
We used to have it that freshman needed a standing tuck and great stunting, sophomores needed a strong BHS and solid stunting, and juniors and seniors needed a BHS.

But this year, half of our team got redistricted, so probably no more than a BHS will be required from anyone.

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My new school requires double toe to back tuck. and atleast a running bhs tuck to make varsity. JV you dont need any tumbling