What's Your Favorite/ Least Favorite Thing About Competition?

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Jun 23, 2011
My favorite is the time on the mat preforming and I don't really have a least favorite but I guess if I really had to pick it would be waiting to get into warmups. :)
favorite would have to be walking out onto the floor, because everybody's looking at you. my least favorite would be the morning of.. when you regret not getting enough sleep the night before.
I feel like competition is when teams really come together. One of my favorite things is wearing my uniform. It makes me feel really unified with the rest of my gym. I really love our team prayer and chant. I love directing Tiny. I love watching the other teams perform. I love screaming and beating on the stage for teams from my gym, and just watching the teams from other gyms.

Least Favorite:
Crazy Scheduling, having to miss one of my own gym's teams while I'm in warm ups,
Competing, watching other teams from our gym...and other gyms, and warmups.
Least Favorite:
When there are almost no good teams at a comp and it's really boring. And they never have good/healthy food. I feel like I always end up eating pizza before I compete. :(
I just love the whole atmosphere of competitions. Whether i'm competing, coaching or just watching I love it!<3
But I do hate the ridiculous prices for a drink or something.. & Missing a team I really like compete!
favorite: that feeling you get 5 seconds after a routine when you know you nailed it
least: When the announcer is extremely annoying or when awards run super long bc of dance parties they create!
Favorite: Watching each of our gym's teams compete
Least Favorite: Parents who "save" seats; other teams displaying poor attitudes; awards ceremonies that are delayed.
Favorite: Sportsmanship.
Least favorite: Having to wait in the hole longer because someone on the team ahead of you vomitted and the mat is being cleaned. (This has happened to me on numerous occasions)
okay i seriously hate walking onto the floor. Thats always when I feel like Im absolutely going to die. Once I get to my spot, i'm fine. but seriously, hearing the team ahead of me going into their dance and then finishing their routine, and then hearing "aaaaand next up" Im dead.
I also hate not remembering parts of the routine afterwards. I'm like, did I do that toetouch or did I just stand there....? lolol

I love just being there in general. Competitions are so much fun. especially since I just really started loving cheerleading and really looking at results and how divisions perform. ESPECIALLY since I've been out of cheer, It's a priveledge for me.
Favorite: Finishing the pyramid and knowing everything hit and just working it out for dance no matter how tired you are. And just performing overall.
Least favorite: Waiting in line to look at pictures..