When A Flyer Must Fly The Coop.

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I have a different side to this story. I started cheering when I was 12 but I didn't start flying until I was 20 years old.

I was on a junior team as a 12 and 13 year old and was too tall to fly. Then I was moved straight from that junior team to a senior level 5 team where I could have flown...It was just easier to teach me to base level 5 stunts instead of to fly them. Not until my junior year of college did I start flying. At that point I was still my high school size (5'5" and 110lbs) and all the fliers weighed at least 10 pounds more than me. Putting me in the air was just logical.

It's funny because most people size out of flying. I sized into flying.
13 - cause i switched gyms & the flyers were smaller so i learned to main base. just learned how to secondary this season & i'm actually pretty good at both it's just hard to match heights cause i'm short:) i still keep up with flying at clinics & open tumbling things though
Wonder if anyone had to stop flying for non-growth-related reasons?
Wonder if anyone had to stop flying for non-growth-related reasons?
I know a girl who had to stop flying because the doctor said she wasn't allowed to pull scorpians, scales, or anything that would need her to stretch her back a lot. She still flys in pyramids, but its just sad because she LOVED stunting and flying.
I have a few girls on my junior team with beautiful body positions that are to tall to fly and i need them as bases. I have a feeling when they move into high school or senior teams they could be amazing flyers with the right base group under them.
First year CP is not flying. She takes flying privates and stretches but she knows she may not fly again and she is okay with that.
A girl on my team started flying at tryouts, going into her junior year. She's so motivated, more than the other flyers who have been doing it since middle school.
I had a flyer on my team who has been flying her whole cheer career (kinderkarden now in 7th grade) and threw a fit when they did not fly her on our senior team. The mother sat out in the veiwing room crying every practice and the daughter even went to the extent to not try while basing and let her flier hit the floor multiple times. Needless to say she is now a front spot and got in huge trouble. She is also not as small as some of the other girls on the team and is the 3rd tallest girl on the team and was very inconsistant falling alot throughout the season. i think sometimes you need to know when your time is done. Sorry if thats kind of of topic but i thought i kind of fit in her on why you need to quit flying and be okay with it