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Dec 20, 2010
When dealing with cross town rivals; When is enough, enough? I am dealing heavily with some 'playing dirty' by a cross town gym. We have been 'reported' to the USASF for rostering an illegal athlete last year (Not true, we were cleared), We have been reported to the IRS for a financial situation (investigated, and we were fine), the coaches and owners have been recruiting kids via text, email, and facebook which includes stating things that are NOT TRUE (that our gym is banned from Worlds this year, just to name one), and the coaches and owner have been calling our booster club with threats, along with calling from blocked numbers and posing as a 'parent' who is interested in our program to try to find out details, along with the generic trash talking. When is enough, enough? The trash talk; its calculated. Its not hard to deal with. But making up untrue stories and contacting the IRS, USASF, and losing business over false statements sent in emails, texts, and facebook messages is a hassle. I have a full time job, on top of working at the gym. It is starting to affect me in a sense that I am taking work time away from my day job to deal with this, and not to mention, Ive already contacted this owner directly once regarding the recruiting and saying it needed to stop. I refuse to 'play dirty' as my gym is doing great - but what advice, or other options are there for me to handle this situation. Calling the owner clearly hasnt worked. Should I contact the USASF? Should I involve an attourney? Should I talk publically about this to the parents at my gym? Most know about the recruiting, but the USASF and IRS are between myself and my gym director. What happened to the integrity of this sport that allows for this to go on, unpunished? I am a FIRM beleiver in Karma - but at this point - I dont have time to let Karma run its course. I need to stop dealing with this stuff now. Thanks for any and all advice.
Well I have never been in this sort of situation myself, but I think that having a face to face meeting with all the parents to set the story straight would help, rather than sending out a generic email to all of them.
Well I have never been in this sort of situation myself, but I think that having a face to face meeting with all the parents to set the story straight would help, rather than sending out a generic email to all of them.

Im not worried about letting the parents know as much as I am wanting all of this to end!!! There are no rumors flying, or anything of the sort. All of my parents and athletes are happy where they are, and when they are recruited they just laugh, and some in and show us what was said or written. I want this nonsense of me dealing with outside people (USASF, IRS, and anyone else they can try to keep me occupied with) to stop!
I would hold a parent meeting to address everything that's going on. Just tell them what is and what isn't true and make sure that they're aware of what's happening.
It's slander--but try to have concrete proof (or, if the false info is printed it's libel). you have every right to take legal action, and should expect positive results for your program.
Talk to an attorney, bring anything and everything you have, emails/texts/voicemails etc. Save and document EVERYTHING you can, no matter how unimportant you may think it is. If you have to make a case, it all may needed, no matter how trivial you think it may be.
That is awful and just RIDICULOUS.
I'm sure you could tell USASF about this and maybe they could put it to a stop?
You also could get in contact with some parents at that gym and maybe tell them to send out an email about behavior at their gym.

If this keeps on going on, even after you've warned them, you should seek an attorney.
If the parents don't know, don't bring it up. If they ask, answer. Don't create a problem between yourself and your customers if there isn't one already. I'm sure you have an attorney you can consult. If you can prove that the rumors and trash-talk have negatively affected your business and are 100% untrue, then you may have a case. Sometimes all it takes is for an attorney to write a well-phrased letter explaining what gym B has done, how it has negatively affected your business, the proof you have that gym B did or said whatever, the definition of slander and libel and potential legal ramifications, and your intended action if gym B continues the practice, for them to back up and know you're not playing.
That is just awful, immature and ridiculous!
Try and contact the USASF and see if they can do something about it.
Also as someone else said, hold a parent meeting and try to address the rumors.
Hopefully this stops because it's just immature and ridiculous