White Uniforms

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Dec 21, 2010
Do you love them. Like them. Or just can't stand them....
List your favorites and your well... not so favorites! :)
LOVE them. And love competing in them. I think they look really good on the floor. And the majority of our team is pretty tan so they really stand out.
SOT has a lot of white in most of their uniforms and I think they look really good on the floor and it makes them look even cleaner than they already are. Also love Cali Smoed's mostly white unis,Star athletics coed day 2 unis, TG level 6 unis ( unlimited coed's from last year at worlds), UA, Rockstar, T&S small coed's uniforms, FCA, some of ECE teams have alot of white an I like most of those, and the list goes on... But I can't think of really any white uniforms that I don't like.
I love them, but only when they have another bold color with them. SOT's are a great example of white that works. I also love the old T&S white uni from last year. I think that white uni's can be a big flop if there is no bold trim, or no other bold colors to off-set it. White uni's on white skin is a no-no....please get a spray tan, a real tan, or use the tanning wipes/lotion if you wear one. White pants on boys is so visual! Love it.
As a whole, I do not care for them -( definite exception is the BYU uni on one of the uniform discussion threads )- but just the idea of trying to keep it clean :eek:
I like white uniforms becuase they look musch cleaner then the teams who have they shiny or metallic material. They also stand out more when you have the crazy back drops on the stage. It helps create the full affect rather then a team blending in to a colorful background. They are also less distracting.
I have a love hate relationship with white uniforms. When they look good, they look gooooooooooooood. When they do not look good....:eek:

Since you're UA, I'll use that as an example. With the skirt, I LOVE it. So clean and sharp looking--I seriously am in love with the purple and white, the little crown on the back, the sparkles on the sleeve....all of it. With the shorts, i don't even feel comfortable watching. White shorts are so upsetting to me--they' just show too much stuff i do NOT want to see. As a mom, I am just not a fan of those shorts. :( Sorry--I'm still a fan of UA though!

The already mentioned BYU uni is perfection to me. Twisters, smoed, and cheer command: I like all those too. I am SO GLAD I don't have to deal with keeping a white uni clean for 2 seasons though!