All-Star Who do you consider the ORIGINAL "CHEERLEBRITIES"

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Jun 29, 2010
Ive been involved in competitive cheer for majority of my life.. The term "Cheerlebrity" is new.. I would love to see who in the NEWER GENERATION really knows the athletes that laid the foundation for what exists today? Who to you is an ORIGINAL CHEERLEBRITY?
Tye Hill (I think he's still on Cheer Athletics)
Bucky O'Leary
Kelly cowley (dayummmm, did a ro bhs full 2 months after giving birth, that's commitment!)

Last I heard Tye moved to Chicago and is coaching there...
Bucky is at our gym on Int. Coed, when my cp saw him she grabbed the kid next to her and said "Do you know who that is...that's BUCKY O'LEARY from TOP GUN!!!" Of course the kid next to her thought she was crazy....
MARIA MARTINEZ! C'mon ya'll! The first time I saw her was on CHEER ZONE Bulldogs, late 90s. She was the epitome of phenomenal. Then she was on STEP AHEAD and later TOP GUN. She is the best performer I have ever watched on the cheer stage! THE DEAL!