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Dec 14, 2009
Alright haven't really got a chance to sit down and watch worlds videos. I plan on doing just that this week. Who is a must see? I am not looking for clean perfect routines. I want to see creative and innovative. Even if it is just a creative transition or dance. Who should I watch? If you provide a link too that would be great.

Thanks for the help
I would watch top 5 from small/large senior and semi, CA Wildcats, TG i5, GT pink/black, brandon sr black, Kentuck Allstars, twist and shout sr obsession. Lol those are just of the top of my head!
World Cup SS, Twisters F5, Cheer Extreme SE, Maryland Marlins Tsunami, Gymtyme Pink, Bangkok, Top Gun
Texas Cheer Sm Senior, Cali Sm Senior... really any of the Cali, Cheer Athletics, Top Gun Teams.... Some of the international teams aren't bad either Viqueens and Flyers to name 2:)