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Jan 12, 2011
I came up with the idea of spirit boxes, to get this really working I need many more teams to join this!
what is it? spirit boxes are a great way for cheerteam around the world to get to know eachother.

each team creates a box full of surprises to trade with others. this way you can encourage fellow cheerleaders and make new friends.
of course it's fun to put a surprise package together AND get another one in return.

so far we have teams from the USA, Ireland, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany,.. I'm sure many more will follow!

what can be in the box? just about anything! teampictures, motivationcards, teamshirts, bows, little selfmade gifts,...add whatever you want!

How can you join this project? send an email to [email protected] with information about your team:
teamname, teamcolors, allstar/schoolteam, junior/senior, allgirl/coed, how many teammembers, adress where to send the box to, any extra info you like to add,...

signing up is free. all you need to pay for is whatever you put in the box and the shipping.
im so happy highschool teams are joining too! this is definitly uniting the entire cheer world:)