Will Eps Validate Teams Against The Usasf Athlete Membership System?

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Mar 23, 2010
I understand and support the USASF Athlete Membership System. Unfortunately, there are some unethical programs who do not compete their athletes properly according to age.

Now that USASF is going to maintain birth dates for all the member athletes, how does that translate to fair competition at the events?

I only ask since I recently received my introductory email to my cp's account. I was asked to provide basic details (address/phone #s/etc) including a copy of the birth certificate. At least in the sections I'm able to view, there's no link to what team(s) my cp will compete on this season. Should the teams be listed/assigned here that they are competing on OR are allowed to be on at the program they're associated with this season?

From my vantage point, I'm not able to connect the dots from providing proof of my cp's age, validating the teams she can compete on AND Event Producers verifying all the teams in the division are in compliance. How is the registered athlete validated for competing based on age? Is it the responsibility of the EP to perform the calculation that validates the athletes are of legal age? Do the EPs have access to the USASF site to validate the eligibility? Since it's a business, will the EPs bother if the ROI is nill?

I'm concerned the the first step in the right direction (USASF athlete's registration) leaves too many opportunities to undermine this endeavor. If people are still able to cheat the system with minimal work, they will. And the people playing by the rules will be disenchanted that the process is not catching the cheaters.