All-Star With Everyone Stressing With The Start Of The Season, Heres Something To Make You Smile...

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Hahahaha the Little blond sidekick cracks me up just moving her mouth:) im kind of troubled that this little girl knows the lyrics, but she sure is adorable! Shes gonna look back at this one day and say, "oh god im gonna kill my mother for letting me do that" haha:)
My asst coach showed me the little girl rapping super bass on Monday. Is that the video? I'm on my phone and it takes too long to load that one.

The blonde friend kills me!!
ahh i saw the video posted on facebook last week! they are SO cute & i'm so happy they got to meet nicki! (i'm pretty jealous not gonna lie)
that is so precious!!! and their parents were just as touching...nothing better than seeing your children at their absolute happiest!
That little girl is incredible. You have to watch her YouTube video though, her singing is better then on Ellen. I think she might have a little bit of a cold for that performance.