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Dec 28, 2009
....which actually means nothing when it comes to being frugal with your money for your benefit. It is quite savvy of them, however, because "true nonprofits" often receive major discounts that can be written off by other profitable businesses as "charitable." As well as, donations made toward their organization are tax exempt and they can apply for public and private grants.

While I don't necessarily agree with putting AS cheerleading in the same societal benefit as curing cancer....well, if they meet the criteria of the IRS, why not? I'm not going to bash or laud any business for being profitable or nonprofit, but I'm also, not going to paint one as being more saintly than the other. There are a multitude of benefits they gain under an NPO designation....and, it's no secret nonprofits collaborate closely with some of the most profitable businesses around.

<Forbes: Nonprofit Millionaires>
<Why the Super Wealthy Operate Non-Profits>
<7 Major Benefits of Nonprofit Collaboration>
(and yes, I underlined collaboration for a reason)

I don't disagree at all, but I think having a board that gets a paycheck is much different than Varsity who is trying to make absolutely as much profit as possible. Much of my problem with Varsity is that they often do not care about anything BEYOND the financials... You have a big gym that brings them money? You can do anything, and that has been proven. My hope is that this truly is about making the sport better, rather than trying to become billionaires.


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Jun 6, 2012
My hope is that this truly is about making the sport better, rather than trying to become billionaires.
I hope you are correct for those of you that aren't fans of Varsity. While I know we disagree about them, I feel they have done a great job building All Star. I definitely agree businesses can favor those that bring them the most money, but that definitely applies to non-profits, as well.

As far as Varsity's "billions," their $2B in revenue is meaningless without their expense/debt numbers taken into account. Perhaps it's because I came from a Corp (May- revenue $5 billion) who had fast growth, many mergers and acquisitions...and, whose debt ultimately had them facing a merger by Federated (Macy's), is why I'm fixated on Varsity's debt. It doesn't take much to take down an empire who has a lot of debt.... With that said, WASF is coming out ambitious with a big end of year event and bid qualifying events, and this is no cheap venture they are taking on. I can't say it enough, for the industry sake, I hope they're both extremely successful, but if they aren't, that NPO could come in handy in a merger.

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