All-Star Worlds 2012 Deductions...

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Its really easy for judges to blink when someone steps out of bounds.....

very like they do in gymnastics and have line judges that raise a flag during the performance and the head judge automatically deducts
or when a judge does not recognize illegalities...

judge 1: " ehh i dont know whether that was illegal or not? "
judge 2: " well idk either, i did not see a single thing, i was looking at the cool backdrop "
judge 1: " lets just give the max points, because it looked pretty cool "
judge 2: " sounds good! , wait should we contact the head person of cheerleading rules to find out instead? "
judge 1: " well before he let stuff go and said they would only receive a small deduction, so lets not bother him. "
judge 2: " yeah, its good to let things slide by when theres a small language barrier "
judge 1: " wait, who was judging the rest of that routine? "
judge 2: " hmm, neither of us!, lets just score them like a high ranking team did, they prob were just as good "
judge 1: " great idea! "

i wouldnt be surprised if some of this conversation has happened before between the people we call our "judges" !
I think they should have judges panels on each side of the mat and the front. This way they can see those fake fulls or those that don't even do a standing back tuck!

I really dont think this is an issue at Worlds - at least not one of the bigger issues.
This is basically what is done at Worlds.
so why are there no line judges on the floor at every corner?
I watched a team that I can't remember the name of right now and the guy walked off of the floor and went back on at the back of the floor. Also, another major team in small senior had two girls step out of bounds after their tumbling, and a 0.something deduction does not account for two out of bounds.
Its really easy for judges to blink when someone steps out of bounds.....

Is it easy for them to blink for an entire routine so that they don't see illegal elements?

I didn't think out of bounds was that big of an issue at worlds. It was stated that it would not be called until they stepped completely on the green. From the VOD I didn't see anyone do that except for I believe Georgia Semi Coed. Maybe I am missing something though.