High School Worried About Tumbling On The Court?

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Mar 21, 2011
For HS tryouts, we have to tumble on the hard floor. I've never done it- is it difficult? Is there anything I can do to make it easier?
It depends on what kind of court your talking about. Basketball court are typically somewhat hard to tumble on. Be careful about bruising on your hands as it can be a little like tumbling on concrete ( not as rough though). Most high schools have you tumble on non spring blue mat floors. Those are not as difficult as, say a basketball court or football track, but if you are used to a spring floor it is going to be somewhat of a transition. Just be careful! Good luck!
Yah, it does hurt your hands and wrists a lot.
But I would say it's definitely harder on your body so wear wrist supports.
it's not that bad once you get used to it but i would def. wear wrist supports because like people said it can be hard on your hands/wrists hope this helps!
if your in tumbling classes try tumbling on a regular mat so you can get used to tumbling without springs
Once you've warmed up a round off and a standing bhs, you'll be fine on the gym floor. A strong tumbler can tumble almost anywhere safely.
I do not recommend dangerous surfaces (concrete/pavement, wet grass, etc.) but cheerleaders have been tumbling on gym floors since God was a child.
I was really scared too, because before it was nothing, but allstars, but once you do it, it's not hard at all. It's difficult to get use to the Basketball floor, but I've done it for a whole season now and think it's easier than a regular nonspring blue mat. The Basketball floor doesn't absorb your energy like the nonspring mat does. I suggest taping your wrists/hands, tiger paws, or some brace until you're use to it.
if you intend on doing a ro bhs tuck...remember toes toes toes! you'll be miserable for a long time if you bruise your heel! I know from experience! ;)
if you intend on doing a ro bhs tuck...remember toes toes toes! you'll be miserable for a long time if you bruise your heel! I know from experience! ;)

EXACTLY. don't over-rotate and land on your heels because it will hurt to even WALK on your heel for a good 4 months haha

just use your toes, push off a little harder, and really use your arms alot on everything that you do. i don't think tumbling on the hard floor is that bad, yes its a little painful at first, but don't freak yourself out about it. make sure you warm up everything and do only what you KNOW you can do to prevent hurting yourself.
I was worried about the same thing going into hs cheer. what i've found though is that the basketball court has a rubber factor that makes me feel a slight spring, though not NEARLY as much as spring floors, obviously. i also find that I prefer tumbling on the basketball courts over flat mat because the flat mat absorbs your pressure making you feel a weaker landing where the courts give you a little resistance. (I.M.O) both flat mats, and courts have killed my ankles this season.)': As i always say too... if you use perfect technique then you should see no EXTREME change in your tumbling on one surface vs the others.
It hurts your hands alittle from the sting and my wrists sometimes. I've heard of people complaining that there ankles hurt, but i've personally never had that problem. I think your ankles only hurt if you're a heavy tumbler. The first time i did it i pulled ligaments in my finger, because i jammed it in the court. It was definitely just a coincidence though. It's not as hard as you think, don't stress!
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