OT You know you're a cheerleader when...

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when you force you're friends to listen to cheer music with you.
make people come to open gym/clinics that don't cheer
you're friends have no clue what you're talking abouot but they just know it must be something from cheer so they go with it and act like they care. lol
When you have like 100 different teams music on your ipod or 100 different teams shirts in your drawer,when you are on chat almost all day for all of Worlds, when you talk to people and say something in cheer term and their like what? lol
... you wear a different gym's shirt almost every day.
... you never study for tests. You only think about cheerleading.
... your mom asks you where you're going to cheer when you go away for college.
... you mark through routines while driving (and almost get into accidents along the way).
... the week after Worlds, all you can think about is Worlds next year.
... all your Facebook pictures have to do with cheerleading, or are with cheer friends (take me for example).
... you're always afraid your uniform wont fit you, so you try to starve yourself before competition (me again).
-all your facebook fan pages are cheer related
-the only magazines you're subscribed to are cheer ones
-one or more of your best friends are from your team/gym
...when you miss your cheer friends a week after the season is over than you miss your school friends over spring break.