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Nov 23, 2010
i was browsing youtube for some georgia allstars louis worlds vid and i end up finding this, based on my research it is from a show called "Showtime" in the Philippines, skipped at 1:00 to see the show, it
Wowwww. I swear that show has the craziest acts :) They didn't even have some kind of mat. :-S

I never see this show because it's around lunchtime and I'm at school when it airs :p
I didn't even know that one girl was a person, she stayed so flat and they just threw her around like a doll, which it i thought she was until she got up and walked around.
omg, they literally toss her around like she's a rag doll?! and its so fast! one mistake and that chick is gonna have a new face...