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uca nationals

  1. Kentucky Girl

    College 2022 Uca College Nationals

    Will see be seeing more teams competing in 2022 compared to this year?
  2. Kentucky Girl

    High School 2021 Uca High School Nationals

    The UCA High School Nationals is underway with the virtual competition: https://tv.varsity.com/events/6744444-2021-uca-national-high-school-cheerleading-championship
  3. Kentucky Girl

    College 2021 Uca College Nationals

    I wonder what this year's UCA College Nationals will be like this year? Hmm...
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College Update Regarding The 2021 Uca College Nationals

  5. Kentucky Girl

    College Will Kentucky Be Barred From Competing In The 2021 Uca College Nationals?

    Due to the hazing scandal?
  6. J

    Nhscc 2018

    I am trying to locate an Order of Competition for the first day (Sat) of comp for the 2018 UCA National High School Cheerleading Championships. Varsity TV has sunday still available but not saturday. I am just trying to find teams that went last year from the Colorado Area. Thanks!
  7. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019 Uca College Nationals

    Can't wait to see Kentucky go for Championship Number #24 in January. Any others very excited?
  8. S

    High School Uca Nationals 2018 (updates, Etc)

    Figured I would make a fresh thread specific for this weekend's competition. Block Schedule Performance Order (this link should update as the weekend goes, we shall see) Live Stream Info I'll be there with my team! Holler if ya see us: Douglas County Cheer :cool: