All-Star 22–23 Uniforms


Cheer Parent
Jun 6, 2012
Wasn’t sure if we had a uniform thread going yet for the season but I needed space to talk about how badly we need to stop the ride. I want to get off.

This is what happens when people notice conceptual look books get attention and they use the same concept for their personal gain. Again, I have no issue with conceptual design, but it does require people to realize function, physics, and cost are not being factored into the designs. It's art.

Functional uniforms are taken into account in other sports. The sport exception, Women's Olympic volleyball who has admitted bikinis add viewership and media/public attention. <<<<That's it, that's all these uniforms are about. In cheer, this is about using a child in a uniform to gain viewership and SM attention, at someone else's gain, and at parental expense.

Runway versus Reality <<<Article explaining how the fashion industry views outlandish design, and no, they don't expect people to wear it.

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