All-Star 2010-2011 semi-limited coed

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Dec 14, 2009
So I believe this will be the division of the year.
Cheer Athletics Cheetahs
Georgia Allstars
Topgun Allstars
California Bullets
Ace Warriors
Brandon Senior White
& many more....

Should be a great division and year!!
Were still interested in seeing what all the former Semi and Unlimited teams are doing before we make any decisions.
georgia finally got some competition

ACE gave Ga a run for their money all year........

And for the record....can this divison please not be turned into a TG & CALI fiasco(spelling?) Yes, I know, you love them, I love them, everybody loves them; however, people need to realize that semi is a completely different ball-game than unlimited (stunt-wise). No team is this divison will have any advantage over the other. With only twelves boys, if these teams want to do coed style stunts( and still be able to put up 11-12 stunts which will need to be done to be competitive in this divison) they are going to have to have female side bases which limits what everyone can do....but like I said, knowing this, cali, tg, ga, ca, ace, etc. should all be equaled out nobody is going to have the tumbling is a completely different story....
This division will expose how strong the GIRLS are more so than Unlimited. You obviously have to have strong guys, but you can't simply overwhelm the floor with all of your guy doubles.
I think there still is slight advantages for certain teams and everyone knows who they are .. Teams MUST all go big or go home if they wanna even place this year .. One stunt drop could hurt you a lot with the amount of talent that's gonna be brought !
Does this not leave the door wide open for one of these teams to go in the unlimited division and have very little competition??