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Dec 14, 2009
i'm currently in the process of looking at colleges and i found a little school in ohio that i really like. it's called denison and it's in granville, ohio. i was wondering if anyone on here is from ohio and can give me some information on what's it like there. weather? activities? or if anyone has heard anything about the school?

thank you in advance!
Soo i USED to live in ohio, but i went to a school cheer camp at Denison, they have an awesome campus!! the weather in ohio is freaky. lol sunshine one minute, thunderstorm the next. Haha not kidding. I'm not really from that area, soo i don't know much about activities in that specific area. sorry!
i'm doing a gap year in ohio next year also this would be helpful to me too!
but i'll be in Toledo, thanks in advance.
Never been to Denison but according to Google maps I live about an hour from it. Like the above post said, the weather can be crazy. Can have 3 different seasons in 1 day, lol. But I've heard it's a beautiful campus. Can't really offer much about activities but if you have any general questions about Ohio I can try to help. :)
I don't know much about the campus, but winter sucks. It is freezing and always snows. Other than winter though the weather is fine.
hmm, sounds like something i would like then. i want to go somewhere with snow and real seasons! :)
Yes... You will experience 3 season in a single day. Haha enjoy :) Where is Denison? I've never heard of it and I've lived in Ohio my whole life.
Denison is a small school in Granville Ohio!! Its really nice tho...Matrix isnt too far from it too, maybe a half hour!! :D
I live east of Cleveland. The weather here really is ridiculous. Some days you can look up in the sky and see super dark storm clouds on one side and a bright blue sky on the other just split right down the middle. Also Friday it was 88 degrees and Saturday was 63. You'll for sure get all the seasons you want. Haha
i live in ohio, currently go to school in pa, and let me tell you, if you dont LOVE snow and rain, i would take caution haha the weather is absolutely horrible as everyone above has stated. you will have days where you wear shorts and a freaking winter parka in the same day. my suggestion? make sure you own snowboots, rainboots, and an umbrella. you'll need them. i havent really heard of the school, but if you have questions, im very willing to help :)
whoever said they are going to toledo, that was one of the schools i was looking at, so if you have questions, i can definitely help you there!
best of luck to both of you :)
Denison has a gorgeous campus, I am always looking at it to transfer to next year. If you don't mind making the drive to Columbus (35 minutes), night life is amazing, :) You can normally find a college night on a daily basis once OSU is in session. Clubs, Kareoke Bars, Bowling, Big Malls (Tuttle Crossing, Polaris, && Easton) . The weather truly is hit and miss here, like already said. You will have Step 1 and Matrix about a 35 minute drive from you as well! Two great programs, different enviroments from my point of view so one or the other would probably suit your style for whatever cheer needs you might have :)
I loved Denison. Very good school too. As for having 3 seasons in one day, having lived in both Ohio and Alabama, that is definitely not true. Here and Alabama it is 80-85 degrees in the afternoon (you never know when it could rain or have extremely high winds) and then pull out your winter coat at night for your 40 degree walks home from the bars. Ohio is very neutral. You can wear the same coat to school in the afternoon as you can at night. I've heard nothing but rave reviews about Denison
denison is rly nice i live in granville and it is amazing its the perfect little town....matrix is about 25-30 minutes away from granville and thats where i go...the weather can be crazy tho