OT Basic Stunting/flying Tips?

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Nov 9, 2010
Ok tomorrow with my stunt group at my middle school I am doing a cradle for the first time(just started stunting so don't judge) and I'm kind of nervous. We can do a prep bump down and extension. I am
Flying so any tips on this and what is a cradle feel like and how should I put my arms and any tips you have would be nice:) thx.
make sure to ride up and don't just jump out of your bases hands. before you cradle hit a high v, and then pull up through your shoulders and squeeze everything! and right when you are about to be caught, pike, so that you don't land like a board!

as for your bases/backspot, make sure they really use their legs, and don't just sweep your feet in the cradle!

good luck! :)
get your toes up in the cradle. it will make it look 10 times better
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