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Dec 14, 2009
I'm not sure if there is a thread on this yet, but I just saw this on Varsity's Facebook page... "
"The newest competition experience has arrived. It's not just a feature on anymore. Check it out..."

Definitely an interesting concept with the 2 judging panels and instant scoring winners circle.. what are everyone else's thoughts on it? Would you attend one of these competitions?
I wonder what percentage of the score sheet is done by judges and what percent is judged by the "cheerlebrities". Interesting concept....
So wait....teenagers will be judging.....
My guess is that they will have maybe 1 current cheerleader and the rest be gym owners, choreographers, or "cheerlebrities" that are older who arn't currently on a team or are on an international team.
iThis doesn't look too good. Even if the cheerlebrities have an open non biased mindset, the people who are being judge won't. For example say someone on the judging panel cheered/did choreography for world cup and ended world cup beating CEA the fans, cheerleaders and coaches will feel that they were somewhat cheated.
I'm virtually certain the originator posts here, so I suspect he will flesh out his idea a bit, but it seems to me the judges are judges in the standard role and totally responsible for the scoring and the panel is for instant feedback to the teams and have no effect the actual score. But I'll bet he'll let everyone know.
According to the website, the guy that started this, was the first to have instant scoring at WSF. So you're right, it's not new, but Jam Live didn't start it.
Scott is no stranger to putting on competitions, so I can't imagine this would be something that would be high school kids judging.
I'm hoping to find out more, especially since one will be hosted in our city. To me, it seems like something my kids would really like, and is a good alternative to Jamfest Live. We will not attend Jamfest competitions, so I'm glad to see something like it, and I'll be even more interested when I hear the cost. :)