College Cheer Vs Open Coed 6

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May 5, 2010
If you had to choose between cheering for your college (which doesn't compete, only cheers for basketball, and just got a new coach) or sticking with the allstar program you love (that's just starting an open squad) which would you do and why?
Well I did both in college (and my college team competed) so it's definitely a hard choice. If you're at a a big D1 football or basketball school, it might be worth it to do the college team for at least a season to get the experience. But the lack of competition would probably be a deal breaker for me.
Consider the pros and cons of each and what is going to be important to you during the next four years. College is an awesome time in your life to grow, learn and experience new things ... if your Open Coed 6 practice/competition schedule is going to take up too much time then you may want to consider your College program. It just depends on what your personal priorities are ....

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