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yes! i can't stand it...i can only eat so many hot dogs and smashed together burgers. some venues we've been to looks like they are trying to add salads to the mix though.
I was so upset when I went to a competition this past season and they had the regular pizza, hot dogs, burgers, etc... and then they had like salads and wraps and sushi. Well for some reason a salad and the wraps that were smaller than a HUGE slice of pizza were $4 more than the junk food! I was sooooooooooo mad!
I've noticed quite a few are adding granola bars and fruit...the only problem is the fruit is still like green and not even close to ripe.
cheersport has okkay food. they have salads and stuff towards the frontt. and idk what they have in the back of the arena.didnt go back there. indy has okay food too, but itd over priced and cobo in detriots food is pizza, pretzels and ehh!
It really depends on the venue more than the competition company. Food at the Seigal Center is always terrible. Pizza, hot dogs, pretzels and dippin dots. Not exactly food for fitness. One of the best competition venues is the Virginia BEach Convention center. They have sandwiches, chicken fingers (nice not like McD's), fruit and veggie cups. Definately one of the best comps food wise I've been to. Your best bet is to leave for a few minutes (if you can) and go to a subway or other healthier resteraunt
I've eaten more hot dogs at competitions than anything else. Or I would take a nice quick trip to the nearest McDonalds!
i usually bring my own fruit or yogurt or someting like that but if i dont then its nachos and popcorn for me!!
Is it just me or is most of the food at competition unhealthy?
I would have to agree, competion food is unhealthy and quite over priced. At some competitions I've seen the near by hotels make a special menu for the weekend that has healthier options which is greatly apreicated but otherwise the arena food is quite unhealthy and not very good anyways. It makes more sense to bring your own food and drinks.
Very unhealthy and over priced. What my mom and I would do is bring healthy snack like things and put them in my cheer bag wrapped within practice clothes/sweats/warm ups. They usually never checked my bag and if they did all they saw was clothes.

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